Welcome to my site!

I’m currently located in Southern California, where I spend my time either outdoors or with my pets. When I’m not in the mountains or at the beach, I work full time as a marketing professional. In my spare time I do marketing consulting work and enjoy reading.

My Work

I write for businesses looking to improve their social media presence and businesses looking to deliver helpful blog content to their consumers. Sometimes I write for businesses who aim to do both. My specialty industries are insurance, health and wellness, and lifestyle. Furthermore, having worked in a variety of backgrounds from customer service to digital marketing, to print, my diverse background has contributed to my writing style. I write to entertain and teach audiences which produce repeat consumers hungry for more content.

Currently my area of focus of mine is in market research and product analysis to help clients determine the best way to position themselves against their competition. From developing customer surveys and analyzing spreadsheets (go excel!), I work to create action plans and recommendations. I also work in content and design creation for social media, blogs, and emails.

For all inquiries on new business proposals, let’s connect via LinkedIn