Communication Plan: Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem Marketing Communication Plan:

A collaborative project between myself and two other seniors, this communication plan detailed a list of actions and direction for the Camp Kesem Club on the UC Davis campus to implement in order to achieve their goal of obtaining more volunteers.

The intention behind the project was to identify a non – profit within Yolo County and create a Communication Plan for them to achieve a goal that they may have. In working with the non – profit to identify a specific goal they would like to achieve,  a group of two to three seniors would then design a marketing communication plan for the non – profit to follow, allowing for the constraints of little to no budget.

The specific non – profit that my group chose is called Camp Kesem. This non – profit sends children whose parents have cancer to summer camp for one week each year. Their specific goal that the UC Davis Camp Kesem chapter needed to achieve was to increase their number of student volunteers for the summer camp; the plan that my group designed was with this end goal in mind.

The plan link is below, where you can view exactly what we designed and created for the chapter to follow. We presented this to them at the end of our Senior Spring Quarter, for them to use if they should choose or to reference for the future if they were still trying to achieve their goals. For the class grade, my group scored almost perfect, at a 96% for the proposal.

Camp Kesem Communication Plan