“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

From travel to health to previous projects, this portfolio/blog is a large collection of different works. Different written works can be found on the blog. I’m open for accepting new clients and you can visit my previous works under the “Portfolios” tab. You can learn more about me, and why I’m in the business of written word, through the menu. There you can also find previous works that I’ve done and links to view my portfolio’s on a project by project basis.


From Central America to Iceland, I’m working towards visiting a new country every year, but have temporarily paused this endeavor due to COVID. There’s still plans for travel in the future though!


Tried a new health product or fad you particularly liked? Let me know! Between healthy eating habits and my need to research everything fitness related, health is a huge priority in my life.

My Dogs

They’re just adorable. Enjoy.