Aumnia Copywriting

A digitally focused real estate website development firm, my work as a Digital Marketing Assistant for Aumnia included analysis of new technology on the market and how it benefited consumers, as well as tips for breaking into the digital world for real estate agents.

Below are links to blog posts that garnered a 15-20% viewership of the website over the period of time that I wrote for the blog. Additionally, these were featured in the newsletters I curated and sent out- views of these newsletters increased from 1-2 open clicks a week to 10-15 a week in the five month time period I was there.

I was required to create custom content 2-3 times a week to create schedules and line ups for the online blog. Additionally I needed to focus on creating a voice and brand image for the blog that was consistent with the vision for the company.

A few of the blog posts that I wrote were more centered to be short and concise press releases, announcing the launch of new applications for clients.

Mobile Buy Guide: October 2015


Comey & Shepherd New Release


The Tragic Downfall of Blackberry