Bakeys: Market Research Proposal

bakeys5This market research  project was completed by myself & a partner, showcasing how we would introduce a product that was new to the market. This was an in class presentation accompanied by a 10-15 page research paper about the product, the market, and pricing strategy. The project was the final for my Principles of Marketing class, which I took at UCSB.

The research paper can be emailed for further review upon request. The paper was graded on the criteria of sound research evidence for the community in which the product would be launched. My partner and I chose to launch the edible cutlery in the Santa Barbara community. My specific focus was pricing strategy for the item, followed by the distribution and success of marketing the item in the community.

The following link is the presentation that was given to the class. ¬†The presentation was to be designed as if launching this project and idea to investors to convince them to buy a stake in the product/company. My partner’s focus was B2C marketing. From her paper ideas and mine, I created and designed the presentation using Google Slides to create a dynamic and engaging presentation.

The presentation run time was about 15 minutes, leaving time at the end for the audience to ask questions or present concerns they may have about the implementation of the product into the new market. The success of this project in particular was that it was a brand new product no one had seen just yet and it infused sustainability with accessibility.

To view the project, click here.