Ventura Marathon Community & Brand Strategy

Brand & Community Strategy

I managed, marketed, and executed the brand strategy and event set up for the Ventura Marathon. This was during my time of being in charge of Community & Brand for the outlet store. Under the restraints of grass roots marketing and specific brand strategy, I created a vision for the event and a Community Branding Plan.


+ Ensure we had a team of 40 participants signed up. This, in turn, would give us our booth for the event for free and a space at the finish line.

+ Create a successful partnership with The Studio, in Ventura.

+ Brand ourselves in such a way that we would see increased business due to our attendance at the event.


Within this plan, I broke down the original goal of 40 participants. In order to to this, I added in several other smaller goals and tasks that would need to be achieved by the day of the event. I outlined a social media strategy proposal to supplement marketing of the event. Due to the nature of the event execution being collaborative, I designated tasks to my team members based upon their strengths as individuals. I facilitated weekly meetings to monitor and collaborate with their progress. I was open to collaborate with their ideas. Finally I managed where my team was at with their assigned timelines.

Below is the link to view the project proposal outline.



Furthermore, I created a PDF version of the flyer that I designed to spread more awareness about the event. We targeted several influential businesses around the local community. We also targeted specific work out studios to attract more of the local community to participate in the event.


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The personal goal of this project was two-fold. First, I wanted to engage and encourage top results from my team. Additionally, I was there to support them in their development and understanding of Community and Branding for the company. There was heavy use of Facebook Analytics to assess success of our social media campaign, as well as tracking sign ups through out.


We achieved our goal by having 45 participants sign up by race day. Over two hundred participants signed our banner, which we donated to the race organizers. This community exposure gave us an additional platform to encourage racers to come visit our store during our huge sale weekend the last weekend in September. Due to this increased exposure, we surpassed our sales goal on the Friday of our big sale by 123%.