PNW: Seattle Edition

Seattle was a whole new world for me.

The furthest north on the west coast of the U.S. I had ever been was Petaluma, CA. I had never crossed over into the Pacific Northwest.

Amid the absolute beauty of the nature and green forests that line the PNW, there were so many things to do and see in Seattle that it’ll take a lifetime of trips to even feel like I’ve seen 10% of what the city has to offer.

Although the trip was a mere two and a half days, I got to have the insiders look at all things Seattle as I was shown around by my best friend, a new Seattle-ite, and her boyfriend and their roommate, both of whom grew up in suburbs of Seattle.

Getting the less touristy visit of the city is sometimes the best way to see somewhere new. I went to a Mariner’s baseball game, Pike’s Place, so many good eats in Old Ballard, Discovery Park, Green Lake, and was coffee wasted all weekend on the best local Seattle brews. I managed to avoid Starbucks until I was in the SeaTac Airport at 5:30AM catching my flight out early Monday morning.

We even went to the local Farmer’s Market by their apartment in Ballard, which had tons of different locally grown produce mixed in with homemade goods. I am one of those suckers for farmer’s markets, but this Ballard Farmer’s Market was up there in terms of favorites.

If you ever find yourself in Seattle, do yourself a favor and eat the sushi. The salmon was the absolute perfect texture, smooth and creamy, with the right about of flavor.

Everything about the culture, the people, the architecture, could keep me going back for a lifetime.

However, the trip wouldn’t have been complete without a downpour Sunday evening, with lightening and thunder to boot. For someone from California, I mistakenly didn’t bring a waterproof jacket with a hood, forgetting that the further north you get the increase in the chance of rain all times of the year.

Next travels will be to Portland!

Pike's Place Market. Such beautiful flowers for long stretches.
Pike’s Place Market. Such beautiful flowers for long stretches.
Public Market; did you know the locals only call it Pike's Place, vs. Pike's Marketplace?
Public Market; did you know the locals only call it Pike’s Place, vs. Pike’s Marketplace?
At my first Mariner's game, rubbing elbows with the locals!
At my first Mariner’s game, rubbing elbows with the locals!

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