Health & You: Less Wheat?

I recently wrote a post on my change away from a wheat heavy diet. If you missed the post, you can catch up here.

When you mention to people that you are no longer eating wheat, the first question they tend to have is, “Then what do you eat?” This question always struck me as ironic for two reasons:

There’s other food in the world besides wheat.

People don’t seem to realize that there are other foods to eat besides wheat.


Sugar, sugar

Perhaps I have a slight obsession with the fact that we’re sugar-ing ourselves to death, but mostly I have an obsession with getting people to realize that there is so much sugar in their foods and in their diet. I probably drive my friends crazy constantly checking labels, taking forever to grocery shop, and throwing out all these facts that I read about on sugar.



Since I’ve slowly began to change my eating habits, I’ve begun to notice a lot of interesting behaviors people have exhibited in addition to the lack of healthy food available.

One of the first things I noticed when I began to change my diet was the disapproving sighs. Going out to eat became the ultimate public shaming. “You mean you aren’t going to get a double-double?” or, “Why aren’t you getting cheese on that?” and by far my favorite, “Are you like on a diet or something?” It’s the sighs that I would get from the people I would go out with, the disapproving are-you-seriously-ordering-a-salad sighs. As if my healthy eating choice was going to hinder them from enjoying their foods. By far though was the assumption that I was changing my diet to lose weight. No one ever asked me if it was simply because I was trying to clear my diet of the crud that consumes the majority of Americans diets today. The automatic consumption was that I was trying to crash diet to become a size negative 3.