Lucky Llama Coffee

Lucky Llama Coffee is a hidden gem in the small town of Carpinteria, CA. If you should find yourself in the area, this place is a 10 out of 10, would highly recommend.

Acai Bowl: Here or To Go?

Not only do they offer your regular coffee needs, Lucky Llama has a little something extra- acai bowls. If you’re anything like me and love a good smoothie from time to time, you’ll need to get your hands on an acai bowl fast. These beauties are traditionally made with the acai berry as the base ingredient, and then layering on delicious layers of fruits on top to create one massive smoothie bowl.

Lucky Llama currently has a peanut butter coconut drizzle that is just about to die for if you love peanut butter and coconut. I’ve been to Lucky Llama before, but the peanut butter coconut drizzle is a new edition and took my Jupiter Bowl from great to amazing.


I have three requirements when it comes to my daily cup o’ joe:

  1. It doesn’t taste burnt. There is that compares to the sinking feeling when you sip a hot cup of coffee (or cold) and the beans have been burnt somewhere along their lifetime. It’s disappointing and the aftertaste almost makes you stop drinking.
  2. If something comes with milk, you’ve got options. I don’t drink milk so if I go to a coffee shop I want options for the drinks that are traditionally made with milk. I don’t want the chemically alternative either (Starbucks I’m looking at you and your coconut milk), I want the real deal in terms of dairy alternative.
  3. Order with ease. There’s nothing more uncomfortable then going into a coffee shop not knowing how to order anything on the menu. Especially considering a coffee shop is an environment where the people waiting in line are not going to be pleased if you spend five extra minutes picking the barista’s brain asking, “Well, what do you recommend?”

Lucky Llama satisfies all three of my requirements by a long shot. Easy to read menu, friendly staff and the cold brew is out of this world good.

Also, they’ve got a dairy alternative for everyone!

cold brew lucky llama


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