Review: Skin Care Line of the Moment

Today we’re talking about a skin care brand that’s officially become one of my favorite skin care lines.

Luminance Skin Care is located in Northern California. They have created a completely organic and vegan skincare line. Within their skin care, they do specialty lines for mature skin, acne prone skin, and youthful skin. In particular, we’re focusing on acne prone skin today.

Skincare Hype

In the world of skincare, there’s A LOT to weed out. There’s brands that give all sorts of empty promises that your scars will disappear, you’ll have airbrushed skin, and you’ll look forever young. What’s hidden underneath this is incredibly toxic ingredients in your skin care regimen. Maybe you don’t have sensitive skin and you can use whatever you want. That’s great! You have even more flexibility to make a smart choice for your body and not poison it little by little over time with harmful ingredients.

It’s absolutely mind boggling the kind of research you can find on different skincare lines. People write reviews on everything and honestly, it becomes a chore to find something you think might work for your skin. Personally, I have tried almost everything it seems. Instead of going through products in my bathroom once or twice a year, I’m going through products every two months or so. I’m just as guilty as the next person for buying into new skincare hypes. I love trying new products that promise seemingly impossible results.

The problem that I kept running into is that nothing was solving my non-hormonal acne. Yes, I’m making the distinction between acne caused by hormonal imbalances and acne simply caused by imbalances with your skin on the top layer. I’m not here to bore you with science, so let’s just jump right to the juicy part.

Does All Natural Even Work?

Although it felt like I had tried everything, I had never considered the more all natural route when it came to taming non- hormonal acne. This was causing me to spend hundreds of dollars on many different types of products; mixing different product lines, trying products that only target specific problems, and so forth.

When I started noticing that nothing was helping solve the issue of small red bumps all over the tops of my cheeks, I needed a better solution. That’s when I was introduced to Luminance Skin Care.

I quickly learned that all natural simply means, ingredients a child can understand. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to become a stereotypical hippie and stop showering regularly to let natural “oils” heal my skin. I just moved away from using products with ingredients I can’t pronounce to a handmade line.

Yes, Luminance Skin Care is completely hand made. This allows for an unbelievable amount of attention to be put into every bottle ordered. It also means you’re going to get exactly what they’re advertising.


You can click on the image above to go directly to their website an browse their other lines that they offer.

Natural Results

When it comes to skin care, I’ve found that the best measure of if a product works or not is really based off the validation of others. Hear me out. I’m not saying to be concerned with others opinions, but if people begin to notice the change in your skin something is working. I stare at my own skin all the time under a magnified mirror. Therefore, I’m incredibly critical of my progress with skin care lines. Others don’t spend nearly half the amount of time staring at your skin that you do.

It was when my co workers started asking me what new skin products I was using that I knew I had finally found some success. Luminance has proven to be aggressive enough to clear up all of the bumps on my skin, but gentle enough as to not irritate my skin further to keep the bumps coming back.

Final Verdict

Price: 3 out of 5

Because the line is handmade and created with high quality ingredients, it comes with a higher price tag. For the entire line- Cleanser, Rosewater Toner, and Deep Hydration Moisturizer, it comes out to about $76 including shipping. The acne serum that I like to add in between the Toner and Moisturize is about $22 with tax. However, a little goes a long way so there isn’t a fear that you’ll lose money.

Quality: 5 out of 5

Absolutely gets a 5 in the quality department. The ingredients are powerful, but gentle. You see actual results because the line doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I also appreciate that they tailor their lines to different needs so that you’ll get specific treatment for the issues you’re trying to solve.

Customer Service: 5 out of 5

The owner emails asking for feedback on how they can better improve their lines or questions you may have. In addition, when I ordered the full size line I received a free nourishing serum. That was a free $20 value added onto my order, just because! The note even said, “Thanks for ordering. We added something extra for you to enjoy!” I’ve worked in customer service and constantly interact with customer service every day so I can attest that this earns them a 5 star.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

It’s definitely work an order. Best way to try is to order their travel size. For $47 +tax & shipping, you can try the regimen* and decide for yourself if you want to take the plunge and order the 4oz size. You would think that 1oz for the travel size won’t last you very long, but I used mine for two months, twice a day, and I still have enough that I now use my 1oz size exclusively for travel.

*They now include the acne serum in the acne travelers line. This is steal to try the entire line for under $50!

Get your travel size here




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