Health & You: Less Wheat?

I recently wrote a post on my change away from a wheat heavy diet. If you missed the post, you can catch up here.

When you mention to people that you are no longer eating wheat, the first question they tend to have is, “Then what do you eat?” This question always struck me as ironic for two reasons:

There’s other food in the world besides wheat.

People don’t seem to realize that there are other foods to eat besides wheat.


Is This Health?

Social media is prevalent. Especially in today’s world and when it comes to health and fitness. My issue with most health information that you can find on social media is that it is often misguided. By misguided, I simply mean that the information is usually not from a verifiable source or from an expert in the field. By simply going to the gym I can assure you that you are no more an expert than the people I see at the gym on a regular basis. Social media is the powerful tool that many use to spread health messages, which often times turns an informational quest into healthier living an arduous task of sifting through incorrect information.