5 Ways You Aren’t Writing Authentically

In the age of Internet, a simple google search can turn up more than 100 million results. Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to go through every single item? (Or maybe that’s just me?).

How can you write authentically to stand out from the crowd?

Write What You Know

This one is pretty simple. If you don’t know, you can’t write about it. I know nothing about space exploration. Therefore, if I were to write about the black holes and meteoroid belts, my post would sound textbook. Quite frankly, there would also be a lot of errors. (Mostly because Pluto should definitely still be a planet.) When you write on subjects you have no background in your writing will come across like you’re explaining the concept to a middle school student. It won’t come across in the fun middle school teacher way either; your writing will simply sound like a reworded regurgitation of whatever you’re talking about.

You’re Lacking Depth

How are you supposed to have an opinion on something you have barely scratched the surface of understanding on? If you’re looking to be authentic, the answer is you haven’t. This means your writing on the subject will lack depth. You’ll just be spewing out facts with no insightful thinking to back it up. It’ll give new meaning to the word “shallow”.

You Have No Argument

People tend to think the word “argument” has a negative connotation. In this sense, as a blogger, you’re viewing argument as your main point of conviction. This is what you believe in. This is the way in which you’ll write your blog post to better educate your audience. You can’t educate if you don’t have a main point. Or, at the very least, your audience won’t be taking you seriously.

You Aren’t Convincing

Remember the famous saying, “You’re fooling no one”? Well, this wholly applies to being authentic on your blog. If you can’t back up what you’re saying with your own research and develop well thought out points your words can’t cover that up. You’ll be typing without confidence which will make your blog contribute to the white noise on the internet. This will create the sensation of authentically lacking written word.

You Haven’t Found Your Voice

Talking about a writer’s “voice” is an incredibly ironic phrasing. There’s no actual sound in writing (I suppose typing in this case) that we can compare to a similar concept of sound, like speaking. Yet your writer’s voice is arguably one of the most important ways you can improve your writing and look to become more authentic. Whether your style leans sassy, sarcastic, or calculated, you need to learn your voice and then hone your skill. Much like a fingerprint, your writing style will be unique to you and can only be perfected by you. How do you go about this? Write a lot. About everything.

Publish what you can back up. You’ll be a more authentically inclined writer in no time.

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